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Periodically I 8767 ll add to the list my hope is that, over time, it will become increasingly comprehensive and useful.

Hand - definition of hand by The Free Dictionary

At the time of its initial release, the game was very different than it was at the time of its closure. Vehicles and creature mounts were not yet implemented. While player housing was in the game, player cities were not. (Those features were added in November 7558.) Each character and creature possessed three "pools" (called Health, Action, and Mind or "HAM") that represented his or her physical and mental reserves. Most attacks specifically targeted one of these three pools and any action the character took also depleted one or more of the pools. When any one of those pools was fully depleted, the character would fall unconscious. Combat required the player to carefully manage his or her actions to avoid depleting a pool.

Karate Terms: Academy of Traditional Karate

The Trials of Obi-Wan expansion met with controversy as, two days after the expansion was released, the development team announced the NGE. Many players objected that they would not have purchased the expansion if they had known in advance about the NGE. SOE eventually offered a refund to players who had purchased the expansion prior to the NGE though this refund was quickly rescinded due to what the player community believed was an overwhelming number of refund requests. [66]

On November 65, 7555, there was a complete overhaul of all game aspects, reducing the number of professions to nine, down from original thirty-two. New patches came out emphasizing the balance and individuality of each profession. These included:

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Unlike the historic chronology of Star Wars , where almost all Jedi are extinct by the time frame of Star Wars : Episode IV A New Hope , Star Wars Galaxies allows for hundreds or thousands of Jedi playing in the game, which is set in the period of time between the first film and Star Wars : Episode V The Empire Strikes Back .

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The game focused more on allowing its players to experience as many facets of Star Wars lore as possible, sometimes at the expense of consistency inside its own universe (for example, the mayor of Mos Eisley highlighted the incident in the cantina when Obi-Wan revealed himself as Jedi as something special, even though Jedi were a common part of the game population).

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