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As with most cycles in Nature there are sub-cycles and cross interactions. So, for example, sedimentary rocks which are subducted through tectonic action may melt and form magma which produces igneous rocks. Or metamorphic rocks, which have been uplifted and exposed at the surface, will erode to form sedimentary deposits.


7): Flat terrain, especially that which is in an area that is arid, is most likely to yield eluvial gems. It is not surprising, then, that we find eluvial peridot at a place named "Peridot Mesa" (mesa = table top). Alluvial gems however, are most likely to be found in the foot hills and valleys of mountain ranges. (Where did the '99ers look for gold nuggets?).


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Once the igneous rock is on the surface, the forces of erosion and weathering produce smaller particles which accumulate on the surface, and/or are moved by wind and water. As time proceeds, layers of these sediments build up (on land or under water). The pressure from upper layers causes compaction in the lower layers along with various chemical and physical changes ( lithification ), which lead to the creation of sedimentary rock.

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[Tan Huong, Vietnam, ruby and spinel mine. Back hoes remove about six feet of soil then high pressure water is used to loosen the old buried stream bed so the miners can use screens and sluices: Image courtesy of ]

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The presence of intrusive magma in a local region (contact metamorphism), or of tectonic plate interactions on a larger scale (regional metamorphism) puts the igneous and sedimentary rocks and minerals under heat and/or pressure which may cause changes in their chemistry and crystal structure. The result is the creation of metamorphic rocks. Thus is limestone turned into marble, sandstone into quartzite, and serpentine into nephrite jade.

[Three types of rocks: Igneous : basalt from lava flow, Hawaii, Sedimentary : sandstone hills, Utah, Metamorphic : rocks in Switzerland: Image courtesy of Dr. Barb Dutrow]

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